Design: Miriam Scheller; Photo: Constantin Dehn, Dancer: Jasmin Deekman

Revival is where childlike curiosity and a hunger for life comes back.

I used a personal experience to make my work honest. Analyzing a painted diary from a hard time in my life I took the paintings to create garments that visualize my feelings in context and dialogue with the body.

d E S I G N

The bodysuit can be worn in two ways: covering or revealing the head. The partly to the body attached bubbles move on their own. Growing out of them selfs, they fight for the upper hand.

p E R F O R M A N C E

Jasmin was able to work with the emotional stat very well for her performance and with help from her little nephew she was able to channel the childlike spirit.

p A I N T I N G

Experimental, layered chaos. A combination of daring and a need for clear borders. The organic structures are trying to merge but are still held apart.

m A T E R I A L

The drawings for revival are mixed media, Copic marker meets watercolour. Dyed reflective ripstop create ever-changing patterns under the light. The matt neoprene walks on the line of synthetic alienation and approachability due to its strong orange colour.