The future is now !

A new interconnected way of designing bodywear .

Design: Miriam Scheller; Photo: Constantin Dehn; Dancer: Alexandra Lombe

Merging fashion and technology to achieve a place of balance.

Materials used: Roica V550, undyed Tencel, mercerized cotton and merino wool
Photo: Miriam Scheller
Model: Danita
Design Miriam Scheller; Knitted by: Knitwear Lab
Unravelling a Broken sample

s u s t a i n a b i l i t y

Fully fashioned knitted garments create no waste during their creation. If a mistake occurs the material can be completely unravelled without damaging the fibres and can immediately be knitted into something new.

Roica core with Tencel cover

y A R N

Using Roica V550 as the core, the first biodegradable elastic, for the elastic yarn ensures recyclability of the natural cover yarns without loss of quality. The yarns used were made of Tencel, mercerized cotton and undyed merino wool.

Cup design with surface texture, No 3.

i N N O V A T I O N

Merging knit technology, Design and a new way of body mapping. Drawing inspiration from muscles and skin tension lines, a supportive cup was constructed. The knit structures are placed in a way that their inherent structure in stretch and density supports the construction.

P e r f o r m a n c e

Representing this very introverted state Alexandra only danced to the sound of a heart beating. Focusing on the movement that enabled and allowed her to feel her body fully in a meditative performance.

Texture sample, No 5.

t E X T U R E

Using my own skin as a starting point I exaggerated all textures I could find. The end result is different knit structures that change with movement.

Design: Miriam Scheller; Model: Danita Choketo

D e s i g n

The results of the research were applied to the overall bodysuit. The final garment is a second skin that is hugging and supporting the wearer.

Special thanks to Asahi Kasei und Feinelast for their support. Special thanks also too Meyer Elasticumspinnerei, Zimmerman elastic yarns and Lederer elastic yarns for their support.

Garment design and development by Miriam Scheller

Knitted and developed with the knitwear lab, Amsterdam. Knit-Technician: Gaia Liesdek, Cherish Brouwer, Francesca Pedrini.