Photo by Ksenia Voy

“I think design has the responsibility to create understanding where words fail.”

Knitting is life. So much can be expressed and created in this medium and I love to infuse my work with personal and social commentary. I am currently working on my textile master’s at the Swedish school of textiles in expressive knitwear. taking a step further than my bachelors exploration and fully focusing on material development. I finished my bachelor’s degree in fashion and textile design at the Amsterdam Fashion Institute in 2020.

Through continuously learning and trying new things, I challenged my view of fashion and production. Innovation is a must and at the core of my work. Working with performance knitwear allows me to bring truly innovative ideas to life. Simultaneously putting fashion in an interdisciplinary, personal, and emotional context opens up new inspiring and instructive dialogues. Let’s create the future we want spun like yarn and dependent on each other as knit itself!